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KAUPUNKI 1 Muokkaa


Radio Za-Za!

Pizza Cake!

Who's Mad? / Who's Behind You!

Destroy J-Lab!

Dimentia To Go! / Getta Isetta!

Taxi Drivers Must Die!

Gang War A-Go-Go! / Start a Gang War!


Cop Car Crush!

Wheeler-Dealing! / Drug Dealing!

Yutes Must Die!

Lick Those Loonies! / Kill Loonies!

Big Bank Job!

Armored Car Clash! / Armored Cars!

Bank Van Theft!


Get Zitzaki!

Bank Robbery!

Happy Gas Smash! / Destroy Happy Gas!

Get Gama Rei!

Follow That Traitor! / Follow Traitor!

SWAT Van Swipe! / Steal SWAT Van!

Stop the Tank!

KAUPUNKI 2 Muokkaa


Double-Cross Crush! / Gang Car Bang!

Blow Job! / Blow-Up!

Benson Burner!

Greatest Hits! / In Too Deep!

Tanks-Giving! / Second Hand Tank!

Gang Car Bang! / Gang Land Nonsense!

Penal Ties! / Alma Mater Return!


Sink Or Swim! / Pickup 'N' Drown!

Fake Truce!

LaBrat's Plan!

Gran'pa We Love You! / Race 'N' Kidnap!

Redneck Attack!

Taxi For Traitors! / RC Taxi!

Water Carry On! / The Dam!


Fire Truck Fun! / Flame-It!

Science Friction! / SRS Destruction!

Valdez Alert!

Operation Z!

Law Enforcement Larceny! / Cop Stealin'!

Murder At The Mall! / Mall Murder!

Distraction Action! / Decoy Trailer!

KAUPUNKI 3 Muokkaa


De-Construction Yard!

Cop Car Crush! / Police Car Scrap!

Sunbeam Contract!

Cossack Conversion!

Conversion Evasion!

Rooftop Rescue!

Power Station!


It was an Accident!

Grand Theft Auto!


Gang War!

Lock Out!

I'd Like A Tank Please, Bob!

Army Base Alert!


Hot Dog Homocide! / R.S.L. Bows!

Mmm, Russian Sailors! / Russian Sailors!!

Karma Assassins!!

Tank's A Lot!!

Officer Down!

Vedic Massacre!

Super Grass Rescue!

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